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Sirti Bestows Award of Honor
October 21, 2010. Billie Moreland, PhD, of Billie Moreland and Associates and Steve Simmons, PhD, E...

Triangle %u201CGraduates%u201D at Sweet Sixteen
The Idea (1994)
In June 1994, while on a layover in the San Francisco airport, Dr. Steve Simmons cam...

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11/08/2010 - Sirti Bestows Award of Honor

October 21, 2010. Billie Moreland, PhD, of Billie Moreland and Associates and Steve Simmons, PhD, Eastern Washington University Professor of computer science were given an Award of Honor by Sirti at their October Board Meeting. The award was "in special recognition of their efforts and vision for the Terabyte Triangle and its positive impact on our community."

"We are both delighted to receive this award, and especially happy to know that our last 15-years' work with Sirti and the technology sector in downtown Spokane has been valuable," says Moreland.

There are many highlights in that work. Highlights include:
%uF076 facilitating Spokane's nomination for, and being named as, one of seven "Intelligent Communities" by the World Teleport Association
%uF076 Contributing to the All America City Award for Spokane, 2004
%uF076 Ten years of technology-based newsletters and Web publication
%uF076 Contributing to the real estate community to establish 150 technology companies in downtown Spokane.
%uF076 Contributing to community education to facilitate high speed, optical fiber connectivity availability in most downtown buildings.
%uF076 Assisting with VPnet
%uF076 Assisting with the Northwest GigaPop.
%uF076 Nurturing and chronicling technology businesses as they grow from startups to success

About Sirti. Sirti accelerates Inland Northwest technology-based companies toward success and positive regional economic impact. We deliver entrepreneurial coaching, a mix of no- or low-cost business services, access to capital, and the legal services needed for successful formation, IP protection and long-term growth.

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Sirti Bestows Award of Honor
Triangle %u201CGraduates%u201D at Sweet Sixteen
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ISAGA 2010 Conference Slated at Riverpoint
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Spokane Entrepreneurial Center
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EWU Computer Science Celebrates 25 Years
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Triangle Welcomes Spokane Web Communications
Business Blossoms at GreenCupboards
Riverpoint Campus Datacenter Dedicated
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GenPrime Develops Innovative Biomedical E-reader
NDM Offers New Digital Signage
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ILF Media Completes New Location
SITSA Cosponsors Seminar Series
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Triangle Welcomes Softech
Collaboration Creates Riverpoint Datacenter
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Triangle Unveils New Web Site
Triangle Welcomes Whitworth University
Ascentium Progress Wins Plaudits
Strong Technologies Debuts Apple Empire
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College Music Society Hears World Premiere
Eco Depot is Green Project Partner
Sirti Growth Fund Provides Financing
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EWU Music Project Debuts Test Concert
Sirti IP/BizNet Provides Critical Legal Services
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Terabyte Triangle Slates Web Upgrade
ILF Media Wires Building
Five Routers to Missoula
Sirti Reports Strong Results
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FlySight Appliance Boosts Internet Marketing
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Triangle Welcomes MindShare Consulting
Connect Northwest Adopts New Headquarters
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Triangle Welcomes Fine Solutions
Infusion Information Technology Expands
J-D Strong Designs High Tech Clinic
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WSU Researchers to Use High-Speed Fiber Optic
Discovery Series Launches in October
Plechner Building Hosts Entrepreneurial Center
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Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Tidbits
Virtual Doors Open at VPnet 2.0
Alt 29 Acquires Innovative Server Solutions
Fernwell Building Expands Connections
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Discovery Series Launches in October
Dry Fly Expands
New FlySight System Secures Your Premises
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19th Century Meets 21st at First and Washington
Sirti Graduations Create Available Space
Steam Plant Hosts Multi-Teraflop ASL Computer Cluster
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Acquisition Creates: MWR an Ascentium Agency
Applied Sciences Laboratory Up and Running
EWU Network Music Project Graduates
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Terabyte Triangle to Expand Mission
Triangle Editor Wins 2008 Journalist-of-the-Year Award
Triangle Editor Wins 2008 Journalist-of-the-Year Award
Aegis Biosciences Discovers Blood Breakthrough
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Weft Meets Web at Kirishian Rugs
Distributed Music Achieves Success
INMUG Premiere Packs Premises
Spokane Symphony Slates Internet2 Collaboration
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Spokane Entrepreneurial Center to Expand
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Triangle Welcomes Alt29
Triangle Welcomes EWU Press
Business Development Corporation Funds Startups
Shred-It Tears Data to Bits
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Triangle Celebrates Ten Years
Interlink Advantage Triples Technologies
Sirti Unveils GeoData
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Triangle Welcomes Dry Fly Distilling
Columbia Fiber Solutions Expands Fabric
Graduations Surge at Sirti
Symphony Event Explores Tech Edge
Terabyte Tidbits
EWU Debuts Mocap Lab
Clearwater Seed Graduates to Courtyard
First at Washington” Pioneers Fiber to the Condo
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Gigapop Sparks Regional Research
NDM Offers Information Archiving
Northwest Medical Informatics Symposium Immanent
Terabyte Tidbits
Gigapop Launch Immanent
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Tincan Offers Game Camps
Triangle Welcomes Pacinian
Beenanza Blasts Spam
OneEighty Networks Offers Ethernet Innovation
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Terabyte Triangle Teams with EWU Class
BIZStreet Expands Business Help Cornucopia
Ivus Industries Launches Lighting Innovation
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Triangle Welcomes GU CS Faculty
EWU CS and CBPA Seek Student Entrepreneurs
Lingraphica Releases Next Generation Product
PacifiCAD Expands in Steam Plant
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Institute for Systems Medicine Will Use VPnet
RenCorp Renovation Reaches U-District
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Terabyte Tidbits
Triangle Welcomes Parsons/Burnett
IT Job Myths Debunked at Seminar
Richard Kirishian’s RugSpa Expands e-Commerce
VPnet Launches Version 2.0
Clinical Trials Near For Aegis Biosciences
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Terabyte Triangle Welcomes RIADIGM
Triangle Welcomes Management Technologies, Inc.
Interlink Advantage Expands
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes REGI U. S., Inc.
Spokane Library Goes Techie
Olympus Entertainment Rides Waves of Change
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Terabyte Triangle Welcomes NCA
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes Radio Café
Sirti Signs Five New Companies
Jensen-Byrd Report Omits Technology
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Terabyte Triangle Welcomes Ponderosa Capital
CNCACS Circle Impacts Triangle
Sirti Adopts Innovation Continuum
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Terabyte Triangle Welcomes Caffe Pazzesco
iDynaTECH Graduates to STC
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Terabyte Triangle Welcomes AAtronics
Time Warner Telecom Expands
Holley Mason Seeks Tech Tenants
Software Grant Will Benefit Triangle
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Terabyte Triangle Welcomes Fact & Fable Productions
Olympus Entertainment
Sirti Launches Growth Fund
Terabyte Tidbits
Triangle Welcomes Back SafeDesk Solutions
Distributed Music Experiment Concludes
Maplewood Sells ScheduleRx
SpokaneHotZonesm Café – It’s Back
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INHS, NIC, VPnet Launch Courseware Partnership
Terabyte Tidbits
VPnet Project Passes Musical Milestone
WSU Selects Firm to Review Jensen-Byrd Building
Hogan Program Announces Business Plan Winners
Spokane Will Work with Seattle at Light Speed
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VPnet Seeking FY2007 Federal Appropriation Request
EWU Announces Game Development Program
GameFest Spokane 2006 a Success
Terabyte Tidbits
Hogan Expands Competition
Sponsor Explosion Powers GameFest Spokane
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Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes Clearwater Seed
WSU Spokane Offers Bachelor of Science in Informatics
“See Red” at GameFest Spokane 2006
Corner Booth Expands
Multimedia Class Seeks Project Clients
Proposals Now Being Accepted for WTC Research Grants
GameFest Spokane Gaining Sponsor Support
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Terabyte Triangle Welcomes Innovation Computing
Expanded Ascentium Locates in Legion Building
SIRTI Technology Center Now Leasing
SmartStart Offers Connectivity Package
Terabyte Tidbits
East Meets West at GameFest Spokane
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes iDynaTECH
Terabyte Tidbits
Triangle Launches SmartStart Accelerator
Triangle Team Tempts Network Nabobs
HotZone Growth Slated for City
Science and Technology Roundtable Crosses Cascades
SIRTI STC to Host Series Debut
Terabyte Tidbits
Hogan Workshops Advance VPnet
OneEighty Named Fastest Growing
Rings & Things Principals Visit Chinese Cyberspace
Terabyte Tidbits
Date Set for GameFest Spokane
KDK ONE Digital Media Typifies Triangle
SITSA Goes International
Terabyte Tidbits
EWU Launches Network Research Center
Rings & Things Relocates in Triangle
SCC Partners with VPnet and INHS to Provide Perioperative Training
Terabyte Tidbits
GameFest Lite Scores a Win
Clever Clocks Compliment Kickoff
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes WSU Informatics
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TourFactory Weathers Terabyte Storm
WestWise Joins Liberty Building
Announcing the 9th Annual Catalyst Awards Semi-Finalists
New Headquarters for ILF Media
Romney & Associates Offers Small Business Services
Terabyte Tidbits
Gonzaga University Students Among Semi-Finalists in Fortune Competition
Morgan Building Conversion Launched
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Women’s Business Center
Huppin’s Goes All Digital
Life Science Funding Summit Slated
Riverpoint Campus Gets Connectivity Upgrade
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Entrepreneurs and Researchers Seek Parallel Computing Clusters
GameFest – The Next Big Visitor Attraction?
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PacifiCAD Relocates to Steam Plant Square
SpokaneHotZonesm Unplugs Downtown
Telehealth Pioneer Earns National Role
Terabyte Tidbits
EWU’s Jordan Leaves Mark on Triangle
Terabyte Tidbits
VPnet Projects Take Off
SpokaneHotZone(sm) Heats Up for Summer
Squeaky Feat Has New Triangle Headquarters
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TINCAN Teaches Teachers
EWU Slates .NET Programming With C#
Schimpf Receives WSU Spokane 2005 Faculty Excellence Award
Terabyte Tidbits
VPnet Forum Celebrates Second Year
Musicians Survive Distributed Music Adventure
BIZStreet Resource Center Grand Reopening
Introduction to Computer Forensics
Terabyte Tidbits
Connect Northwest Connects
Eastern Washington Spotlighted at Washington Technology Summit
NDM Provides Authentication
Terabyte Tidbits
Advertising Rates Terabyte Triangle Newsletter
Changes to Terabyte Triangle Newsletter
INHS TeleHealth Reaches County Jail
NoaNet Expands in Spokane
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes Agents Ally Inc.
Zero dB Establishes Interoperability Lab
GigaPop Project Slates Ultra Fast World-Wide Connection
Networks Rule in EWU CS Grad Program
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Sponsors Digital Infrastructure Forum
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes .NET Users Group
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes Pondera Engineers
Time Warner Telecom Expands in Spokane
Contineo Offers VoIP Services
SIRTI Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary
Spokane Ranks High in Worldwide Intelligent Community Competition
Terabyte Tidbits
‘Old Blue Eyes’ Inspires VPnet Project
INHS TeleHealth Expands Broadband Reach
Aurora Consulting Group Joins Ascentium
Eastern Edge Examines Technology Transfer
Schimpf Science Seeks Brain’s Secrets
Terabyte Tidbits
VPnet Interest Group to Launch in 2005
CopyCat Ready for VPnet
Cyber Wars Rage at Riverpoint
ILF Media Goes High Def
St. Anne’s Debuts High Tech Childcare
Terabyte Tidbits
Triangle’s SafeDesk Solutions Succeeds Nationally
Columbia Fiber Wires Mead School District
Expo Closing Opened Door to Technology Economy
SIRTI Showcases Homeland Security Research
Technet Names Catalyst Award Winners
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes Inland Catalyst
The City That Cut the Cord
VPnet Incorporated, Elected Board of Directors
Rural Telecommunications Congress Features National and International Speakers
EWU and EDC Launch Forum on Emerging Issues
INHS Pioneers Telemedicine
Liberty Lake Internet Exchange to Host Business Continuity Expo
SBA Funds Women's Business Center
Security Students Embattle Shovic
Terabyte Tidbits
TINCAN Receives $1.2 Million NSF Grant
Understand the Business Value of Linux
Chamber Presents: Think Big, Achieve More
EWU CS Masters Launches Industry Recruiting Drive
Optical Fiber Reaches Cheney
RealResume Flourishes at Fernwell
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes Centric AV
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes Liquid Life Espresso
VPnet Celebrates Completion
Fiber to the Home Will Boost Economy
Interlink Advantage Offers Wall-to-Wall Linux
New Horizons Offers Free Wireless Seminar
Rings & Things Expands
Terabyte Tidbits
VPnet Slates Regional Rollout
WSU Spokane Now Enrolling for Fall
EWU Showcase Celebrates 20 Year CS Masters Anniversary
Fiber to the Home Council to Meet in Spokane
Northwest Microwave Expands
Terabyte Tidbits
TINCAN Sponsors Tech Camps
Gonzaga Welcomes SITSA
Home Debut Pioneers Virtual Real Estate
Intelligent Community Award Scheduled for June
Security Event Marks TINCAN Anniversary
Terabyte Tidbits
VPnet Completes Fiber Fusion, Continues Progress
Legal Connections are Faust's Focus
Lingraphica Eases Aphasia
New Technology Collaborative Hosts Open House
SITSA Debut Features VPnet Progress
Spokane to Host Rural Telecon '04
Technology Partnership Assists Tribal Access Network
Terabyte Tidbits
"Incubator Without Walls," Features Business Plan Development
INTEC Energy SIG Cites Problems & Progress
Network Design & Management Is On the Move
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Co-sponsors Technology After Hours
Triangle Women Receive Star Awards
How Spokane Got Connected
Community Star Awards
Fernwell Building Has New Collaborative
Hogan Competition Expands and Innovates
Institute of Shock Physics Comes to Triangle
MediaJoe Displays Ultimate in Home Theater
Terabyte Tidbits
WSU Spokane to Host Science Bowl 2004
Columbia Fiber Advances VPnet and Adds Lit Services
INTEC to Host Digital Technology Event
Norman Simmons, 88, Was Nobel Prize Nominee
SIRTI Showcases Value-Added Agriculture
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Census, January 2004
VPnet Partners with Terabyte Triangle
Corner Booth Productions Enjoys National Spotlight
Decade of Development Powers Spokane Intelligence
EWU Launches Cyber Security Lab
Freeman Center Joins Downtown Restorations
Terabyte Tidbits
VPnet Expands Coverage and Application Plans
Spokane Named USA's Most Intelligent City for 2003
Terabyte Tapestry
Terabyte Tapestry
Fiber Pioneer Nominated for State Board
Memories By Design Blasts Off
Remodeled Huppin's Goes Click & Mortar
SIRTI Showcases Techno Cornucopia
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Featured in Planning Magazine
Catalyst Awards Touch Triangle
Fiber to the Home Hot at Zero dB
INTEC Assists Tools for Tomorrow
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes CTA
TINCAN Receives Teen-Targeted Grants
Merger Means Goodbye to NBS Worldwide
Technet Announces Catalyst Awards Nominees
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Expands Board
VPnet Expands
EWU Computer Science Expands Graduate Program
Heroes and Legends: A Restaurant Review
Network Design & Management Nears Decade of Growth
Tango Ready for Production
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes Next IT
Terabyte Tidbits
Lumen Software Lights Up in Triangle
Interlink Advantage Upgrades Connectivity
Technology Pioneers Start New Company
Terabyte Tidbits
Velocitus Wireless Beams Into Triangle
Cyber Security Hot This Summer
EWU Escalates Security Research
IT-Lifeline Joins Terabyte Triangle
MediaJoe Starts Workshop Series
Spokane Nominated for Intelligent Community of the Year
Terabyte Tidbits
APerfectWeb Rolls Out New Application
INHS Is Healthcare Superpower
Maplewood Move Expands Connections
NetRiver Keeps on Flowing
Terabyte Tidbits
Triangle War-Drive Finds Security Flaws
Delta Angel Group Launches Terabyte Triangle Activities
Technology Allies Form Portal
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes CSK Communications
VPnet Opens for Action
Working Together for Small Business
Cobalt Cable Keeps Connections Quiet
EWU Courses on the ‘Fast Track’
InfoAxis Designs Web---Database Applications
Memories By Design Expands
Terabyte Tidbits
World Wide Packets, Cisco to Partner VP Net
Pilot Project Launched For New VP Net
Columbia Fiber Solutions Offers Dark Fiber
Eldridge Building Space Available
EXORVision Displays Synergy
Network Security Classes at EWU
Terabyte Tidbits
Hogan Program Grows
Network Scientist/Entrepreneur John Shovic Joins EWU Faculty
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes TINCAN
The Tango --- A Car to Love
WSU Proposes New University System
EWU Debuts Interface Design Course
InStat Gets the Numbers
Litho Art Printers Conquers Digital Color
Morgan Building Rises from the Ashes
Northwest Microwave Bridges Boundaries
Terabyte Tidbits
Avista VP Net to Link Triangle with Universities
Flat Spin, NBS, and Unified Signal Form Business Triangle
MediaJoe Integrates Everything
NBS Worldwide Does Comdex
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Welcomes WindStar Group
Aurora Launches Midsize Enterprise Products
EWU Computer Class Pilots Digital University
LaunchPad Blasts Off at the Davenport
SIRTI Offers Video Conferencing
Terabyte Tidbits
WSU Spokane Science Research Fair
Zero dB Dazzles with Engineering Pizzazz
East End Does It the Historic Way
Interlink Advantage Covers Net Gamut
Maplewood Software Expands
OneEighty Networks Creates Connections
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Celebrates Fifth Anniversary
100 Tech Companies in Terabyte Triangle
A Perfect Business Model
Entrepreneur of the Year Assumes New Role
Lightning Growth Strikes EWU Computer Science
NBS Worldwide Joins Terabyte Triangle
Terabyte Tidbits
WSU Spokane Grant Advances Undergraduates
Baked Alaska Buildings Are Recipe For Success
ILF Media – From Production to Programming
MCSi Creates Smarter Rooms
Sharpshooters Get High Tech Help
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabytes Arrive at EWU Computer Science
Willow Wind Organic Farms Joins Terabyte Triangle
BizTech Expo Offers Opportunities
High Tech Maven Slates Presentation
Historical Hutton Goes Broadband
Mead High School Robot Takes The Terabyte Cake
Terabyte Tidbits
Tryst Coffee Café Trumps Titan
WSU Spokane Scientists Launch Clinical Research
eNetwork Capital.com Pioneers Wireless Security
EWU Computer Science Launches Cyber Security
IT Academy Students Develop SPOKANEX.NET
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Triangle Seek Seven Wonders
Zyzox Brokers Burgeoning Bandwidth
Community Calendar Up and Running
INTEC Sponsors Security Summit
Launch Pad Adds Venture Capital Rally
MatriCal Joins SIRTI Incubator
Starship Contineo Expands Empire
Terabyte Tidbits
WSU Professor Creates Super Computer
** HP To Build Supercomputer For Energy Department
Cyber Security Company Serves Wired, Wired West
River Bluff Ranch Designed for Fiber-to-Home
Terabyte Tidbits
Thinking Cap Communications and Design
Time Warner To Wire Davenport, Many More
Biotech Academy Gets Grant
Terabyte Trianagle Business Plan
Digital Downtowns Proliferate Across America
Exploring Digital Signal Processing with WSU
LaunchPad Goes Regional
Peyton Building Adds Fiber
Terabyte Tidbits
Translation Technologies Inc. Goes Global
Business Cash Coming Soon
Business Plan Competition Attracts Students
ConoverBond Development Offers Scholarships
EWU Approves Digital University
Information Technologies Academy Off to a Running Start
ACW Solutions Is Recent SIRTI Addition
Business Information Center is a Treasure Trove
EWU’s Technology Initiative receives $1 million Launch
Class 101 Connects Youth to Business
Klundt Hosmer Design Spans Web Era
SIRTI Offers Teleconference Capability
Skywalk Store Offers Gift Cornucopia
University Research Aimed at Biological Weapons
SculptureGallery.Com Is Virtual Atelier
Velocity Communications Pioneers Courtyard
AperfectWeb Is One-Stop Web Shop
Artesian Direct Taps Bandwidth Bonanza
Empowerment Zone Aids Terabyte Triangle
Maplewood Mavens Are Programmer’s Programmers
Massive Research Funding Meets Massive Computing Power
MerryMac Internet Cafe Serves Bytes
WhiteRunkle Works Web Wonders
Herriman/Adair Poised for Growth
SIRTI Supports Security Scions
Rings & Things Gains Global Growth
Wiring Workers Wield World-beating Wideband
Zess Innovations Are Really Cool

Columbia Fiber Wires Mead School District
Spokane Symphony Slates Internet2 Collaboration
Terabyte Tidbits
Terabyte Tidbits