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11/30/2002 - Flat Spin, NBS, and Unified Signal Form Business Triangle

Flat Spin Media and NBS Worldwide have formed a synergistic alliance that has propelled both businesses into fast forward. Flat Spin Media, which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Bellevue’s Unified Signal, pioneered and perfected the shaped CD-ROM into a dynamic sales and promotion tool. NBS Worldwide created the “smart disk” technology. The two companies put their technologies together, and business jumped. “We are creating opportunities that will create jobs,” says Craig Sorenson, Flat Spin Media Marketing Director.

The two companies are also sharing a Terabyte Triangle office suite. Flat Spin joined NBS Worldwide in their top floor suite (Suite 240) in the Minnesota Building at 423 W 1st Ave. Flat Spin was formerly in the Spokane Valley.

An example of new, smart disk enhanced, shaped CD-ROMs is the new gift card created for Hastings Books, Music, & Video. The CD-ROM gift card has the same magnetic strip that goes through the in-store “swiper” as the ordinary flat, plastic card, but the CD also contains music, video, graphics --- even a game--- so the gift has instant gratification. The CD-ROM can also take the gift recipient to the Hastings on-line store if they prefer to shop via the Internet. Thanks to the smart card technology, Hastings is further aided by gleaning demographic information from CD/smart disk Internet shoppers.

Flat Spin Media’s CD-ROMs, as well as their Web design, video, and animation skills, so impressed Unified Signal of Bellevue, Washington that Unified purchased the company last August. Unified Signal is a provider of an integrated operating platform that integrates telecommunications services such as cellular, Internet, local, and long distance. Unified has aggregated all of the services and functionality needed to make any client company capable of becoming a “virtual network operator” (VNO) of a telecom service. A VNO is a telecom service provider that does not own infrastructure or negotiate with carriers. Unified Signal does this for the client company. Flat Spin Media’s task is to create the Web portal that takes the end user to the VNO service provider, and then on to Unified Signal in a seamless and simple way.

As part of Unified Signal’s package, the CD-ROM platform can be used to offer services to a current or future customer of the client company. The customer will be introduced to the proffered service by watching the explanatory material on the CD. When the customer opts for either more information, or the service, the link on the CD will open a portal on the Internet. The Portal will be operated by Unified, but can be branded as a private label.

For example, a customer buys a cellular phone from a favorite firm, “PDQ" Electronics.” To complete the service, ‘PDQ’ enrolls the customer, via the Web Portal to the ‘PDQ’ branded virtual network. Or, ‘PDQ’ gives the customer a CD-ROM so the customer can sign up at his convenience at home. Unified Signal creates the actual network, keeps it running properly, and provides the billing. Flat Spin creates the portal. Any communication received by the end customer will have ‘PDQ’ branding, and ‘PDQ’ will have a continuing revenue stream from the transaction. The service becomes a private label telecom offering. Because Flat Spin will create both the CD-ROM and the Web Portal, the two will work together seamlessly.

Flat Spin will continue to create and produce shaped CD-ROM marketing tools as well as custom Web development on a contract basis for businesses other than Unified Signal.

To view some of Flat Spin Media’s work, go to:

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