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11/30/2002 - MediaJoe Integrates Everything

If you have heard of server farms, co-location facilities, or equipment racks, but have never actually seen them, go to MediaJoe. MediaJoe just moved into the storefront space next to RockCity Grill in the Fernwell Building. Theirs is the high-tech space with the equipment room in full view in the front window. MediaJoe is Joe Melton, who has operated a home-based business since January 2000. Now in the Terabyte Triangle, MediaJoe’s new headquarters is a showcase of the highest quality, high tech media tools. They invite anyone who is interested to get a hands-on orientation of all of the high tech toys in their arsenal. “We want people to see the technology and play with it,” says Melton.

MediaJoe integrates media systems; in fact, they integrate everything. Usually, when a building or leasehold is created, there will be different contractors who will select and install the building’s wiring, HVAC, telephone systems, security, etc. In spite of lack of initial planning, MediaJoe can integrate all of these elements into one touch screen panel that can be placed anywhere in the building, so that all of the building’s elements can be controlled at the push of a button on that screen. “If there is a signal anywhere, we can tie it together,” says Jim Rund, MediaJoe’s Marketing Director. MediaJoe uses the Crestron control box to make a truly complicated room operate at the touch of one button.

For example, a multipurpose conference room may have a lot of elements in its media system. It could have a DVD player and a plasma screen, or a PowerPoint PC and projector with a screen stored near the ceiling. It could have cameras and a Polycom or other system for teleconferencing with either voice over IP (VoIP) or ISDN lines. It could have surround sound, or audio recording. The Crestron panel can be programmed to accomplish a whole set of tasks at the push of one button. If the button pushed is “DVD”, the window coverings drop, the lights dim, the plasma screen lights up, and the DVD player starts at exactly the right level of sound. If the button pushed is “PC”, the DVD player stops, the PC projector turns on, the screen may come down, or the plasma screen may turn on with a Web site. Whatever the task at the office or the home, MediaJoe can make it happen at the touch of a button.

The key is Melton’s knowledge of structured cabling. He is a certified registered communication distribution designer (RCDD), which qualifies him to design and interface with electrical and cabling pathways. All MediaJoe technicians have Siemens Company certification. “You need to know how to do the cabling to wire for integration,” says Melton. “To make voice, data, and video all work together, you must start from rock solid cable installation.” MediaJoe uses non-proprietary industry standards in cabling so that all systems are plug & play, and will work as well in five years as they will upon completion.

In addition to the Crestron Panel, MediaJoe is an authorized distributor of Hitachi plasma screens and high-end projectors. They have chosen to represent the Shoreline telephone system because it gives the economy of VoIP without a lot of expensive features. In fact, you can use your old analogue telephones with the Shoreline system. According to Melton, it is an industry standard, open architecture system that uses desktop or laptop computers integrated with VoIP, but you can still listen over the analog phone. The Shoreline system can integrate e-mail and voice mail, and transfer between people anywhere on the same network just like they are in the same building even though they may be miles apart and in different cities.

MediaJoe will sell, at retail, headsets, cables, fiber jumpers, etc. These items will be “on the shelf” at their headquarters. They also plan to have classes once a month to show what their systems can do. They invite all to “come in and play.”

Billie Moreland
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