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09/30/2002 - OneEighty Networks Creates Connections

OneEighty Networks is a new Terabyte Triangle broadband Internet, private line, and hosting company with a long Spokane history. Does this seem to be a contradiction? OneEighty Chairman and CEO, Gregory Green, started from telecom roots and has been a player in Spokane for years.

It began with Telwest Central Services in the early 1980’s. The firm was purchased by Craig McCaw’s NEXTLINK in 1995 and later became XO Communications. Green formed OneEighty Communications, a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), in 1998 with majority interest being acquired by Avista Corp in early 1999, creating Avista Communications, Inc. With the downturn of the telecom industry in 2001, Avista Communications’ minority shareholders acquired ownership of its Montana and Wyoming markets and dial-up Internet access customers in Spokane, Washington and Coeur d’Alene and Lewiston, Idaho. To maintain the connection to its historical roots, the new company is called OneEighty Communications, Inc.

In April 2002, OneEighty Networks emerged through a second acquisition from Avista Corp to provide broadband communications services to Spokane, Washington and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Part of this agreement included 300 miles of fiber optic cable. One Eighty Networks offices and facilities are in the Levy Building at 118 North Stevens.

OneEighty's connectivity services include broadband Internet, dial-up Internet, metro Ethernet, private line, and IP line. OneEighty is able to deliver broadband connectivity using a variety of transport technologies including ISDN, DSL, T-1, T-3, and OCn. Their 300 miles of fiber, from Spokane's Airport Business Park to Coeur d'Alene, connects to all Qwest co-locations. Through a strategic agreement with Qwest, OneEighty has the ability to provide DSL lines to many locations not otherwise served.

OneEighty Networks also provides Ethernet connectivity, like the network used by the Coeur d'Alene School District's Educational Metropolitan Area Network (EMAN). Metropolitan Area Ethernet (MAE) service is a high-speed, native switched Ethernet transport service. MAE Service is an alternative to private line services and offers an upgrade from slower DSL or T-1 service. This service is used to connect multiple office networks, connect trading partners, and connect to the Internet at high speeds. Other Ethernet customers include West Coast Hotels, Whitworth College, and Gonzaga University.

Through strategic alliances, OneEighty Network's has 100mb Ethernet connection to Seattle and a DS3 to Billings, Montana. They also have transport service between Spokane and Denver. Additional services include co-location, managed security; web hosting, and e-mail services.

In addition to his long career in telecom, Green is also a developer and a booster of downtown Spokane's vintage buildings. He believes broadband technology and real estate development go hand-in-hand, and any space he develops will also have high-speed connectivity. "I believe people of all ages want broadband Internet," says Green. Because of this, OneEighty is developing a new service that will provide broadband to every home by subscription regardless of location. This 1 Mb service will be a combination of fiber optics that connects to a co-location facility, then provide a DSL line over copper pairs to your home office or business.

Green and OneEighty Networks are also establishing a new program called Project Angel. "I want tools in place that will encourage our children to stay here, as opposed to leaving and then coming back," says Green. Project Angel targets young and start-up entrepreneurs who want to build a business around technology. OneEighty will provide broadband connectivity at no charge, for a period of time, to promote business growth and economic development. The period of free connectivity will be negotiable, but probably six months to a year. The aid offered would include any product or service that OneEighty Networks offers. "I want to keep our children here," says Green.

For more information about OneEighty Networks, go to http://www.go180.net/

Billie Moreland
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