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08/28/2002 - NBS Worldwide Joins Terabyte Triangle

After more than two years of home-based start-up, NBS Worldwide has grown, developed, and moved into the Terabyte Triangle. Saying goodbye to cramped quarters; NBS Worldwide purposely chose to move into an overly large space atop the Minnesota Building at 423 W 1st Ave. Their plan is to use the extra space to create a Spokane community of systems developers. You could call it a developers’ incubator. Rent rates are negotiable, and the NBS folks might even trade programming for rent.

What is NBS Worldwide? NBS stands for Networked Business Solutions and the principals are William (Bill) Huber, and James (Jimmy) Stewart. They create custom integrated business system software that uses the Internet as a basic component.

Huber is the “user interface” person. He talks to the client and determines what the end user wants and needs. “You have to have rich communication with the client,” says Huber, “or you’ll lose them, and end up doing a lot of work for free.” He then creates and edits all the graphics, animation, music, sound, and video. “I seem to have the ability to talk to the customers and explain things so that we both understand the project,” Huber states.

Stewart is the seasoned, “top gun” programmer. “My first programming language was FORTRAN,” explains Stewart. He’s learned a great many languages since then. “My forte,” says Stewart, “is being able to explain to the computer what is wanted and making the computer understand.” “I have rich communications with the computer.”

Because Stewart is a Microsoft independent certified developer, he has access to development tools as a beta tester. This status made it possible for him to learn and use .NET long before it became generally available. NBS has used .NET extensively to build their Internet based software.

One example of software they have built is a management system they created for Dave Smith Motors, the large Dodge dealer in Kellogg, Idaho. This system manages inventory, maintains contacts, announces alerts, helps with marketing, sends e-mail, and everything else the customer could imagine. It is a full, web based management system. For example, when a client calls the dealership, the networked system reads the name from caller ID, and alerts the database. By the time the call has been transferred to the requested dealership’s representative, the client’s data has already popped up on the rep’s computer screen. If it is a new client, a blank lead sheet will display. This creates an easy contact management system.

This is a very large, very robust system. To create a robust database that works over the Internet, .NET is the development tool. “. NET is a very powerful tool,” says Stewart. The engine of this software is generic and “skinable.” It can be customized and optimized for any end user. “We’d love to build one of these for the city of Spokane,” says Huber.

NBS Worldwide has several other applications that use the Internet as a component. Another example is the interactive, web-enabled CD that allows the CD issuer to update information so that the viewer sees only valid information. “We want to build a business that makes a difference on the Internet and be a place where people come to get problems solved,” says Huber.

Anyone who would like to share space with NBS Worldwide should contact Bill Huber. The space is newly remodeled and attractive. Clean, spacious, and ADA accessible, there is room for 16 people. The sharing developer must pay for the phone to hook into the phone system, and set up their own office, but there is phone and Internet line ready-to-go in each space. In addition, there is a large conference room furnished with a 60” display computer for show-and-tell, a receptionist, a kitchen, and even a shower available. Rent is affordable and negotiable.

For more information, call Bill Huber at (509) 747-8088; cell phone 879-5393, or e-mail bill@nbsworldwide.com. For more information about NBS Worldwide, go to www.nbsworldwide.com.

Bille Moreland
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