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06/28/2002 - Historical Hutton Goes Broadband

The Hutton Building at South 9 Washington personifies the Terabyte Triangle’s unique specialty --- to make historical downtown buildings into high tech Mecca’s. Using the great wealth they earned from the Hercules Mine in North Idaho, Levi and May Hutton built the Hutton building in 1907 as both a dwelling place and a seat of commerce. The original building was four stories tall with the Hutton apartment on the fourth floor.

The story goes: one day the Hutton’s looked out their window and discovered that the Peyton’s were building more stories on the top of the Peyton building. Because the Peyton’s were their archrivals, the Hutton’s refused to be outdone and immediately had three stories added to the top of the Hutton building. Today’s building is seven stories tall. The original building was an innovative design. It is built with a floor plan in the shape of a huge “E” which means that most offices have large day lit windows --- even those in the inside center of the building. Views are strictly urban --- making up in interesting activities anything that it lacks in pastoral tranquility.

Like many old buildings, the Hutton eventually fell on hard times. Old timers may remember that, when the Beatles were in their heyday, some of the State of Washington’s local offices were in the upper floors of the Hutton. At that time, the interior space was dusty, dull, and depressing. That is no longer true because the entire building was renovated in the 1990’s. The upper floors are now clean, serene, and attractively decorated. The old, high-ceilinged charm still exists. Each floor and some of the spaces have old-fashioned walk-in vaults. Originally meant as a service for safekeeping tenant valuables, they are now used for diverse purposes including as a broom closet. Rob Brewster of ConoverBond Development now owns the Hutton Building.

Even the basement was once beautiful. With its sculpted arches and a narrow stairway entrance from the outside sidewalk, the area has been nicknamed “The Speakeasy”. Actually, the basement was the original, ornate store of Spokane Trunk and Grip.

Thanks to a recent communications upgrade, the Hutton Building now has redundant fiber. This antique building has an OC12 fiber pipe installed by Time Warner, and an OC3 fiber line installed by XO Communications. Coming soon will be a point of presence for the NoaNet. One of the tenants, Zyzox, is the master agent and physical representative for Electric Lightwave, Inc.

The building has a resident Internet Service Provider (ISP) and network specialist in ChoiceNet. ChoiceNet’s headquarters are on the first floor. The firm is available to help the building tenants with their network and connectivity needs. Another tenant, iPowerplant, is a web site design firm and a division of ChoiceNet. For more information contact Christopher George, President at

Space is available in the Hutton Building. Office space can be as small as 300 square feet, or as large as 3000 square feet. There is space available that is wired to go --- plug & go. Depending on the place in the building, the highest rent is $13.50 per square foot. Parking is available and utilities and janitorial are both included in the rent.

In addition, ConoverBond has a full time security and facilities staff. The on-staff maintenance people are available to help with any of the tenant’s physical space problems or needs. There are plans to update the security and locking system of the building into a state-of-the-art pass card system.

For more information about Hutton Building space, contact Stacey O’Sullivan at 509.747.7905 or e-mail: For more information about ConoverBond, go to:

Billie Moreland
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