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02/01/2010 - Interlink Debuts Surveillance System

The technology specialists at Interlink Advantage have developed a new surveillance system designed both to help protect a business from various incursions and to cut down on expensive false alarms. The system is deceptively simple. Along with motion detection, it is based on high quality Internet Protocol (IP) enabled cameras, an in-house server, and a dedicated network that links the components. From the server, the image output can be sent through the Internet and can be viewed from anywhere. The images can be viewed by a security company, or the company's principals anywhere in the world. Security can detect a false alarm before any remedial action is set in motion. If it is a genuine intrusion, then the cameras will record the movements of the intruder.

The IP cameras are both flexible and high resolution, and there are as many used as the customer needs. The cameras have a built in embedded computer that does most of the work. The images are sent to the on-site server as TCP (transmission control protocol) packets over a closed internal network. This network, actually a miniature Intranet built especially for the system, lets the cable 'usually cat5 wire 'plug directly into the camera. The cable then runs to the network switch and then to the server. Interlink can also retrofit their system to a coaxial cable system if that's what the end user has.

TCP is used in this system in order to get the highest resolution images without any dropped packets. This eliminates the need for any digital reconstruction. The images are clean, optically true, and can be enlarged and still be of good quality. TCP can be used because large surveillance systems can be split off onto their own network which is not used for any other work, thus eliminating congestion and dropped packets.

A good example of the Interlink Surveillance System is the one that will soon be installed on a mountain top in New Mexico for a solar powered radio station. The system is intended to curtail vandalism. Four high resolution '5 megapixel 'cameras will be installed on the radio tower; one camera for each direction. The solid state cameras are stationary 'not pan, tilt, and zoom -- but they can concentrate pixels on a particular area below to check for trouble. The cameras use infrared lighting, so vandals won't notice they are being recorded. Cameras will be in a bullet proof protective shelter. For this installation, the team will use Star Dot cameras that will work in extreme temperatures. "We are authorized resellers for this camera, and it has been fully tested in extreme temperatures," says Kirt Runolfson, President. "Star Dot is used by National Oceanic and Atmospheri c Administration (NOAA) near the poles." The server will be housed in their nearby communications building.

Interlink deploys many different kinds of cameras 'although most are IP based. None of the components of the system are proprietary. Interlink chooses the best and most reliable components for the job, according to Runolfson. The system can be customized for the needs of the client. The frame rate can vary 'some as low as four frames per second 'but a higher rate can be recorded for higher priority security points. "We use equipment with as few moving parts as possible, so it won't wear out quickly," says Tim Erlandsen, Vice President.

When a client calls Interlink for a system, the system is designed specifically for the customer's space. The Interlink team does a walk through of the site and assesses the customer's needs. The team then designs the system. They have designed many systems and can make knowledgeable recommendations about the best motion sensor, the best camera, how many cameras, and the best server for the job. They install the equipment and see to the cables. They set up the Web interface for off-site communications. Their systems don't use a lot of energy and don't generate a lot of heat. "We design green as much as possible," says Erlandsen.

Interlink Advantage is in the Terabyte Triangle at 418 East Pacific, Suite 102. To learn more about Interlink's surveillance systems, call (509) 465-1234.

Billie Moreland
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