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02/28/2009 - ILF Media Wires Building

ILF Media is moving up. The infrastructure is finished in their ‘new’ building at 540 W Cataldo, and as soon as the finish work is complete, the firm will move their operation into the top two floors of the building. The new headquarters will feature state-of-the art digital production facilities, an equipment room with dedicated air conditioning, fire suppression, etc., and one of the best local area networks around. The LAN will support about 16 terabytes of data, according to Daro Walker, Principal/programmer. Everything will be digital and high definition – leading edge media. They are updating the processes, the means of delivery to the client, and the way they create content. All that remains is connecting the building to optical fiber so that they can ship their terabytes of media – quickly and securely – to their clients, whether at a distance or across town.

The ILF Media mission has not changed – only the way they implement it. Their bread and butter work is still television commercials, according to Cary Seward, Executive Producer. “That media has changed, and ILF needed to change along with it. We are in the forefront because the principals are a bunch of ‘tech heads’, ahead of the curve, so when the time came, we were ready to go,” says Seward. Those principals are Dave Holcomb, senior editor, Jim Swoboda, senior cinematographer, and Daro Walker. ILF has a total staff of twelve “uniquely talented individuals who are organizers and artists, technicians and dreamers, computer geeks and visionaries, conservatives and crazies,” according to ILF’s new Web site at www.ilfmedia.com.

The new Web site is as creative as should be expected, and it has a library of samples of the various media that ILF produces. Along with commercials, they create video and other visual media specifically for Web sites – with appropriate formatting and compression. They create media for trade shows. They created and produced the winning video for Spokane’s entry in the Intelligent Community Competition. They also do custom programming when called upon by their clients.

An example of custom programming was the software Daro Walker created for Silver Auctions. Dave Silver needed a custom hardware and software system to take information out of their database -- that would be a composite of graphics and text -- that could be superimposed over live video in real time. The software – programmed in C++ -- integrated a custom server, featuring a high-end graphics card, that allowed a multiple screen system to continuously update information and present it to the bidders during an auction. Seven years later, Silver came back with the same hardware system – held together with duct tape – so Walker could replicate the program on a new computer. The program still worked perfectly, but the duct tape was wearing out. ILF fixed Silver up, and Silver Auctions should be set for another seven years.

ILF has room to grow in their new space, but they want to stay small. “We like being small,” according to Seward. “We all work well together, and we are doing fun things and creating things. It’s a great environment, and a fun place to work.”

When their headquarters are finished, and they move upstairs, ILF plans to lease out the first floor. They hope the tenant will be high tech, or at least use a lot of technology. There will be around 3000 square feet available – mostly open, to be configured as the tenant wishes. Amenities include a break room and bathrooms, along with an upstairs neighbor who does a lot of creative work.

Billie Moreland
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