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10/31/2008 - Infusion Information Technology Expands

Infusion Information Technology’s mission is to provide quality enterprise level, back office Information Technology (IT) for small businesses – companies with between five and seventy employees. “We act as the IT department for companies who can’t afford to, or choose not to, hire full time IT staff,” says Kevin Daymont, InfusionIT CEO. “If an IT staff consists of only one person, that person is usually overworked, doesn’t know everything they need, and hasn’t time to be proactive. We are a managed IT service, and we try to prevent a problem – not fix it once it’s broken.” InfusionIT uses Microsoft’s Windows Small Business Server 2003 as their primary service tool.

As part of their proactive approach, Daymont explains, InfusionIT leads their clients through the process of putting together the best network possible for the company’s special needs. The first step is to analyze the need based on what the company already has and an assessment of what will be needed in the future. Then, based on the company’s budget, they put a package together; identifying both hardware needs and software needs. If the budget won’t cover, they will assess the immediate needs, stretch the budget to cover as much as possible, then help to prioritize the future budget.

InfusionIT isn’t in the hardware sales business – they focus on being a service provider – but they are both Dell and Microsoft partners, which allows them to purchase equipment at a better price and pass that savings on to their clients. As a proactive service provider, InfusionIT uses Microsoft technology to monitor client servers and network operations 24 x 7. They protect against viruses, worms, spy-ware and spam – reviewing the system logs and security for potential problems. To insure minimal down time for their clients, InfusionIT performs routine maintenance from dust removal to disk cleanup to regular audits of system-wide hardware and software. InfusionIT also establishes and maintains baseline images for all company workstations so that templates are ready for immediate deployment for a new employee or in case of any hardware failure. InfusionIT sets up mailboxes and security for new users, and takes care of the removal of viruses, should one slip through. If the client has a non-standard need, InfusionIT will deal with it.

One of the most useful of InfusionIT’s many services is rigorous testing of new patches, service packs, and software add-ons as they become available. “We test everything for all of our customers” says Daymont. “Not all new patches are compatible with a client’s system, and we don’t mess with something that works just for the sake of change.” If the new patch works out, it will then be deployed on a company by company basis – never as an across the board change. Even then, InfusionIT closely monitors to be certain that there is no business disruption.

InfusionIT partners with IT-Lifeline for backup storage, management, and disaster recovery. They keep the needed software and licenses, and if disaster strikes, Infusion can have their client back in business in a matter of hours, according to Daymont.

InfusionIT started business in 2000 as a “basement office business”. Just two years ago, they moved into 400 W Jefferson, Suite 114. They have grown from the initial two partners to a group of six, and plan to continue growth into the future. “We don’t want to grow so quickly that we out-strip our ability to give quality service to our clients,” says Daymont.

To learn more about Infusion Information Technology, visit To contact InfusionIT, call (509) 324-7910.

Billie Moreland
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