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07/31/2008 - New FlySight System Secures Your Premises

Last year, the City of Spokane reaped more than $500,000 in fines created by police response to false security system alarms. A fine is levied for each false alarm, and after the third such occurrence, the police won’t respond at all. Your business or home is left defenseless. Thanks to the newly available FlySight system, the business or home owner can have absolute control over their own physical security system. Using the client’s broadband connectivity, FlySight’s system makes the business owner able to “fly” around the premises – zoom, pan, and tilt – and have vision as though a fly on the wall.

According to Jim Burke, FlySight principal, the FlySight system is an “Internet appliance” – a totally integrated system – ready to “plug in” to the Internet. FlySight, LLC, – launched July 15, 2008 – is an affiliate of Sirti accelerator graduate CSK Communications, Inc. A FlySight system installation uses the licensed electricians of CSK to do a design/build specific to the needs of the customer. Installations include as many pan, tilt, zoom high-resolution cameras as needed with network video recorder (NVR) for archiving and visual recognition. The electrical wiring will always follow standards and code, according to Burke. With the installation, FlySight LLC integrates the hardware and software so that the system will report to all sites needed by the customer. The FlySight system provides a special cell phone as the communicator device with the system – needing only a click, dial, and the camera image pops up. This special phone can be used to zoom, pan, or tilt the camera. The system is integrated into a network and will report to any other device – cell phone, desk top, Blackberry, laptop – but the special phone is the only one that will manipulate the camera. FlySight LLC installs the system, provides upgrades, and maintains the system. The customer owns and controls the system, and there is no monthly fee. FlySight LLC promises a 100% guarantee, and provides 24/7 support.

FlySight LLC can make the guarantee because they design and build the entire system using off-the-shelf components. This means that each system can be customized. FlySight LLC installs all of the routers and the Internet protocols. This is a real time system and is mpeg-4 encoded with 256 bit encryption. Options include facial recognition, touch screen support, motion detection, time line search, and visual automation. Once installed, FlySight LLC can maintain the system remotely.

According to Burke, the system’s owner has complete control of monitoring the system. Along with intrusion alerts, the system can be used to detect water leaks, recognize power outages, identify the cause of a smoke alarm alert, and even notice changes in temperature. If desired, the system can be wired for sound as well.

Although only generally available since July 15, the FlySight system has been thoroughly tested in the Terabyte Triangle. Users are as diverse as Saint Anne’s Family Center, the House of Charity, and Riverpoint Pharmacy. At Saint Anne’s, parents can watch their children in real time from their workplace. The House of Charity relies on the system for a number of different security needs. Riverpoint Pharmacy uses it primarily for intrusion detection.

“We pride ourselves in doing a 100% installation that works. Our system will work all of the time,” says Jim Burke, EE, FlySight LLC principal.

To learn more about FlySight, call Tony Hombel, monitoring specialist at (509) 343-3187, or (877) 343-3187, or e-mail thombel@flysight.net. Visit their Web site at flysight.net.

Billie Moreland
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