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11/30/2007 - Interlink Advantage Triples Technologies

“2007 has been a fun and exciting year for us,” says Tim Chapman, President of Interlink Advantage. Although the company, at twelve years old, is mature, it never remains static. Just this year, they have formed partnerships, developed, perfected and rolled out three new technologies, diversified into print design, and software development. This is in addition to their existing services which include Web site design and development, database development and management, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, Internet connectivity, network system design and service, and e-commerce solutions. They also have a stellar co-location suite. Interlink Advantage is at 418 East Pacific.

New products this year include their enterprise level Secure Global Desktop service – offered through a partnership with Sun Microsystems. The Secure Global Desktop allows centralized computing over a secure connection; allowing access to shared files and programs from anywhere in the world. Here’s how it works. The client company leases space on an Interlink Advantage dedicated Secure Global Desktop server and all of that company’s software and data are transferred to that server. By subscribing to Secure Global Desktop service the client substantially reduces its need for in-house technical support. “At least 80% of all computing issues are software related,” says Kirt Runolfson, Senior Vice President, “with Global Desktop, we can upgrade the software on the server once, and everyone can run the same version in the same way from anywhere.” The existing desktops can serve as terminals without being constantly and expensively upgraded.

Some Secure Global Desktop clients prefer to host their own servers, some co-locate at Interlink, while others choose to lease space on Interlink’s servers. Whatever method they choose, high speed, reliable Internet connectivity is a must. Interlink’s connectivity is via double entry OC-12 fiber connection configured on a SONET ring. To insure uninterrupted service for their customers, Interlink has both backup batteries and a natural gas fired generator in case of power failure. The generator can even be switched to propane if the natural gas fails. Because they are on a SONET ring, if a cable is dug up in the street, they have a second entry. For even more redundancy, Interlink has additional above ground T-1 lines. Interlink also offers 24 x 7 on-site technicians who will keep the servers running even at 3:00 am. These same technicians will install new software upgrades and do hardware maintenance, install and maintain firewalls, and maintain security for all of their co-location clients. “We don’t simply provide service, we truly partner with those who co-locate with Interlink,” says Chapman.

Another new service offered is a groupware suite – collaboration software offered through a partnership with Zimbra. The groupware suite includes shared calendars, shared address books, shared on-line document authoring, and more, using an AJAX-based Web interface that enables tool tips, draggable items, and right-click menus. Interlink absorbs the up-front costs of software and hardware and maintains the service, allowing companies that could normally not afford expensive groupware solutions, e.g. Microsoft Exchange, a cost-effective subscription-based service at a much more affordable rate.

The third exciting technology is the “rolling off-site snapshot backup service.” This is a tool for off site data backup and disaster recovery. The technology uses an automatic “pull method” that reaches out to the customer’s location and pulls data back to the remote server. The server copies just the changed data for the day. Complete views of the data are available as a “snapshot” to the company’s administrator. The data will never be accidentally deleted or changed; nor can it be maliciously tampered with, according to Runolfson. In case of a disaster, the latest file can be copied back to a server at gigabit speeds and the company can be back up and running in a couple of hours or less. “This is a quiet system,” says Runolfson, “it automatically alerts the client if there is a problem – if things are not going properly. The system can notify whoever and as many as needed.”

“We’re really looking forward to 2008 and more exciting technology,” says Runolfson. Interlink is technically deep and can respond rapidly to customer’s needs. “We’re stable, and we’ve been here a long time, and we plan to be here a lot longer,” says Tom Bloom, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Our philosophy of providing a single source for design, marketing, Internet and computer services has carved out a good, solid niche for us that we intend to grow as time goes on.” To learn more about Interlink Advantage, visit

Billie Moreland
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