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04/30/2007 - Lingraphica Releases Next Generation Product

The Lingraphica Express2 is now available. The latest version of the Lingraphica is easy, flexible, intuitive and fun. Best of all, it’s simple to use. Lingraphica? What is Lingraphica? It is a dual-purpose, computer-based, speech-generating device for adults with aphasia. It is integrated durable medical equipment dedicated to helping adults with aphasia communicate.

Aphasia is a language disorder that results from damage to portions of the brain that are responsible for language. The disorder impairs a person’s ability to understand and express language, as well as reading and writing. The most common cause of aphasia in the United States today is a stroke. The Lingraphica assists stroke victims with functional communication in everyday situations and helps with long-term improvement through practice. According to Richard Steele, PhD, chief scientist, and Professor of computer science at EWU, Express2 makes the arduous task of regaining language skills simpler through the use of icons, graphics, sound, and easy personalization. It’s all done with the click of the mouse.

According to Steele, the Lingraphica helps in three distinct categories – communicative speech replacement, scaffolding, and restoration. For people unable to speak, the Lingraphica Express2 has built in words, phrases, and phrase builders that, along with the computer’s speaking voice, allows the device to literally speak for them. The user may choose a male or female speaking voice. It is also possible to custom record a voice. The Lingraphica helps all communicative partners because it makes the communication unambiguous, thereby erasing frustration and misunderstanding.

Scaffolding and supplementation techniques are used be persons with aphasia to support and extend natural speech communications. Lingraphica Express2 users may click on an icon of interest to prime themselves or to give themselves confidence that they are using the correct word to communicate what they need.

Adults with aphasia never totally recover, according to Steele, but they can certainly improve their communication effectiveness. Those who use speech generating devices like the Lingraphica Express2 improve significantly – both statistically and by observation – which holds increased hope for stroke survivors with aphasia. With Lingraphica, an improvement of at least 10% to 20% can be expected, with on going improvement as time passes.

Lingraphica Express2 has a feature called “Quick Speak” with a vocabulary of 6000 icons that may be accessed individually for word finding and repetition practice, or they can be used to create phrases. It is flexible, with icons and text that can be resized and moved anywhere in the device. There are pre-set user levels for ease in adapting the device. The Lingraphica Express2 is easy to use, with no need to remember any commands. It is easy to clean-up, restore, and undo features, and it “remembers” automatically.

Another feature of the Express2 is that it is easy for users to personalize – to add their own new words by renaming icons. Users can record their own voice or use the natural-sounding synthesized voice. Personal photos and other images can be easily added along with personal icons and phrases. There are hundreds of practice exercises built in at a wide range of levels. If a “how to” is forgotten, there is video help with easy to follow video instructions.

The Express2 is so much fun; the person with aphasia can keep their grandchildren busy for hours. The two can work together and help each other.

“I get the greatest satisfaction in seeing individuals using the Lingraphica come back to life,” says Steele. “It restores hope, dignity and confidence. After a stroke, you may be limited, but you don’t have to stop. Using the Lingraphica helps life change for the better – they are no longer helpless victims. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than this. It’s doing well by doing good.”

To learn more about the Lingraphica, visit

Billie Moreland
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