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12/31/2006 - Terabyte Triangle Welcomes REGI U. S., Inc.

REGI U.S., Inc. was initially formed in 1992 and just last month established its United States headquarters in Suite 438 in the Sirti building at 605 N Riverpoint Blvd. REGI U.S., a subsidiary of Reg Technologies Inc., owns the U.S. intellectual property and marketing rights for all Radmax™ rotary engine technologies. The Company's goal is to license the Radmax™ technology and/or to participate in joint ventures to manufacture specific Radmax™ applications. Lynn Petersen, Vice President of Marketing staffs the office at Sirti.

REGI U.S. has developed prototypes for three devices. They are a multi-fuel rotary diesel engine, a high efficiency rotary vane compressor, and a high efficiency rotary vane pump. Of the three devices, the Radmax™ direct-charge rotary engine is creating the greatest stir. It is an internal-combustion engine, built on a rotary design, and is notable for its simplicity, power, and efficiency. The engine is also very small – the 42 horsepower diesel engine is only 6-inches in diameter, and 6-inches long.

The RandCam™ rotary engine has been in development since the late 1980’s -- with development costs now around $11 million -- and the more advanced Radmax rotary engine is three years old. Although a totally different engine concept, the developers learned a great deal from the development of the Wankel rotary engine that preceded it – and have incorporated many of the lessons learned into its design. The RandCam™/Radmax™ engine is simple with only two basic moving parts – the vanes and the rotor. There are 24 combustion pulses per revolution, and horsepower is approximately 1 lb weight to l hp. It has a 20:1 compression ratio which allows for the use of multiple fuels. The engine can run on almost any fuel including hydrogen, gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, ethanol, natural gas, and fuel made from old French fry grease. The engine doesn’t vibrate, and it isn’t noisy. There are no valves – compression achieves the fuel ignition for diesel fuel.

The way the engine works is simple. The engine is comprised of a disc-shaped rotor and drive shaft which turn within the housing, or stator, which remains stationary. Depending on the horsepower, up to 12 vanes mounted parallel to the shaft slide up and down along the outside of the rotor as they follow a track along the inside of the stator housing. Combustion chambers form between the rotor, stator walls, and vanes, and their volumes change as the vanes move during rotation. For more information and to see the engine graphically, visit:

The technology’s concept has been proven, and REGI U.S. knows that the engine concept, the pump, and the compressor technology are sound. The next step is to develop prototypes for specific uses in specific industries, then take those prototypes for demonstration purposes to be evaluated by client. If the client wants a specific application, REGI U.S. will sell a license for further development and manufacturing of the device.

Lynn Petersen, VP Marketing is charged with commercializing the devices in the United States. Petersen has worked in and around Spokane for a number of years, and has a multitude of ideas for potential customers. The military is especially interested in the rotary engine for use in UAVs (drones). Other possible applications range from weed-trimmers to air conditioning compressors, to air and steam expanders, and hybrid vehicle power generation. Petersen says, “We feel privileged to be accepted by Sirti; keep an eye on us and watch us grow.”

For a start-up, REGI U.S. is well funded, and its stock is traded on the OTC Bulletin Board. REGI U.S. parent, Reg Technologies, Inc., owns the worldwide rights (excluding the U.S.) to the Radmax™ rotary technology. Reg Technologies has been involved in the research and development of the RadmaxTM technology since 1987.

REGI U.S. Inc. and Reg Technologies Inc. are publicly listed:
Reg Technologies - TSX Venture Exchange: RRE – OTC BB REGRF

Contact Lynn Petersen at or Telephone (509) 343-3186, Cell (509) 994-1942

Billie Moreland
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