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03/26/2002 - Cyber Security Company Serves Wired, Wired West

E3 Technology, Inc., a technology security provider, was in business well before ‘cyber security’ became a buzzword. E3, really a typographic substitute for E cubed, echoes the company’s slogan, Exceeding Every Expectation. In business since 1996, their primary customers are banks, credit unions, and health care providers. E3 has customers all over the western United States -- west of the Rockies, north to Alaska, and south to Arizona.

Banks, credit unions, and health care institutions all have regulations that require some sort of security management. For example, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 mandated national uniform standards for the electronic transmission of certain health information. This caused the Department of Health and Human Services to adopt security requirements in four areas. These areas are administrative procedures, physical safeguards, technical security services, and technical security mechanisms. All businesses that fall within the mandate, must, by law, comply with security regulations.

This is where E3 comes in. Their business is to know and keep abreast of the regulations, and to know how to implement the regulations. If there is a security breach, regulations require certain specific capture of evidence, properly kept records, and finally the assurance that security is being properly maintained and any anomaly documented. E3 will train the business’s employees in these procedures and will manage security for small companies without in-house security management. E3 secures the institutions technically and organizationally. Examples of E3 security help include creation of policies and procedures, training of on-site managers, network redesign, or firewall construction.

Regulations aside, the main security factors are confidentiality, integrity, and availability. “Security is not just a firewall,” says E3 Principal, Joel Fulton, “that’s just one component." “Security is a change in your procedures --- an archetype change.”

Although the people at E3 are constantly learning and evolving with the changes of technology, they consider it their mission to devise security controls and then implement these controls regardless of the underlying technology. They strive to adapt a process to whatever technology the customer needs to use. “We partner with our customers,” explains Fulton, “we don’t try to sell them a product.”

Fulton also teaches cyber security courses for Productivity Point. He teaches that only 15% of all security breaches come from outside a company -- breaches like hacker mischief or viruses. The remaining percentage of security breaches happen inside a company and most of those will be simple accidents -- not perpetrated out of malice. In his classes Fulton stresses that a company must (1) understand the risk, (2) manage the risk, and (3) mitigate the risk. “One must understand that no company will ever be totally secure,” Fulton says.

E3 is experiencing managed growth. “We believe in balance in life,” says Fulton. To maintain this balance, each employee is required to take two weeks of company paid training per year. Each employee is required to take a vacation each year. No one is ever asked to work longer that nine hours in a day. “Everyone must retain their perspective and their focus by not becoming overly stressed or overly tired,” says Fulton. “There must be time for families and leisure.” All the same, E3 plans to add eight employees next year.

E3 is a “virtual” tenant of the Fernwell Executive Suites. At this time, they use the common areas and conference rooms at the Fernwell. The Executive Suite provides a receptionist who answers the E3 business line and patches the caller through to the appropriate person. Business services, such as use of the copy machine, are also available to “virtual” tenants. However, Fulton likes being in the Fernwell building so much that E3 is moving into an office in the Executive Suite soon. --- Billie Moreland

B. Moreland
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