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09/30/2006 - Terabyte Triangle Welcomes Caffe Pazzesco

Coffee machines have gone high tech -- at least the computerized models at Caffe Pazzesco have. Caffe Pazzesco’s tastefully designed “world headquarters” showroom at 1821 West 5th Avenue, Suite 104, is lined with a variety of coffee systems of varying complexity. These are coffee systems intended for businesses and other workplaces – for clients, employees, and other guests. The intent is to maximize productivity, boost morale, and control costs while providing a good cup of coffee – and the coffee is good! What’s different about these systems – other than the robotic components and microprocessor inside – is that they produce coffee one-cup-at-a-time, on demand, that is regular, although strong, coffee and not espresso. The machines also make cocoa and tea. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

The most complex of the coffee systems on display is the Avalon Triple B produced by Cafection Enterprises of Quebec City, Canada. Sitting atop the machine is a hopper for three different kinds of coffee beans. On the front of the machine is a liquid crystal display that guides the user through the process. Step one is to select the cup size, quantity, wanted. Step two is to choose which beverage – which coffee, cocoa, or blend of the two. Step three is to push “start”. The machine then measures and grinds the coffee beans, brews the coffee, and adds any chosen embellishments, e.g. flavorings. Meanwhile, the status bar in the display tells where it is in the process. It’s like having a coffee house in the break room.

The brains of the coffee machine are a custom built “state machine” motherboard, which uses an SBV-1 microprocessor. Inside the coffee machine, there is a roll of coffee filter paper. After the machine grinds the beans, the grounds are transferred to a receptacle lined with fresh filter paper, hot water from the plumbed in hot water tank passes through the coffee grounds. Brewed coffee is then delivered to the waiting cup. The used grounds and filter are automatically emptied into a waste receptacle in the cabinet below the machine. Caffe Pazzesco’s service provider empties the trash on his weekly rounds.

Along with the coffee system -- including the locking cabinet it sits on -- Caffe Pazzesco provides maintenance, service, and supplies. In addition to coffee beans, cocoa powder, flavorings, and tea bags, they take care of any throw-away cups and sleeves, stirrers, and the display units all occupy.

If you need some “sleepless in Seattle” status, one of the machines is Starbucks branded. The Starbucks logo is prominently placed on the machine, and, of course, it uses only Starbucks brand coffee. Generic machines can be branded with your company logo if desired.

These are the high-end, high-tech machines. If something simpler is desired, Caffe Pazzesco can fill those needs as well. Other one-cup-at-a-time brewing systems are available. These machines may also be plumbed in and have a tap for hot water for tea. One example is the Keurig system that uses a per cup measure of coffee + filter called the K-cup. K-cups come in many varieties and flavors of coffee. Again Caffe Pazzesco provides the K-cups, tea, and other supplies along with the display units to hold them.

Caffe Pazzesco’s owners Tricia Petrinovich and Steve Palmer learned the coffee business in the coffee-mad Seattle market. They chose Spokane for their world headquarters and opened in January 2006. Now they have a branch in Seattle. Office manager, Arlene Weaver, loves to show off the different coffee systems, so any business, who wants a good cup of coffee every time, is welcome to drop in for a demonstration. She will even set up a special coffee tasting party. Call (509) 838-2119 for more information.

Billie Moreland
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