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08/31/2006 - Terabyte Triangle Welcomes AAtronics

AAtronics, an audio-visual, low voltage system integration company specializing in nurse call communications and automated systems, has opened a regional branch office in the Terabyte Triangle at 1821 W 5th Avenue. AAtronics was started in 1971 in Boise as a family-owned, three-person business, and has grown into a thriving regional operation. They offer engineering and consulting with specialties in systems design and integration. As a low voltage and communications contractor integrator in audio, video, projection, lighting and complete control systems integration, AAtronics works in hospitals, schools, churches, courtrooms, boardrooms, home theaters, home audio and government offices. AAtronics also has a rental division for audio, video, and production needs.

A main focus for AAtronics is their nurse call system. The nurse call system’s design offers strategic advantages, according to Roger Hahn, Design Consultant. The West-Com Nurse Call system was designed with significant input from nurses, and the outcome is an efficient system that is very user friendly. The HIPAA compliant system is a network that includes the head-end, the patient’s pillow speaker button, the indicator dome lights in the hallway, and the nurses’ station for visual and audible notification, among other elements. The system uses a touch screen for nurses, which allows them to immediately communicate with patients and access patient and staff information as needed.

The system also interfaces with both admissions and discharge records so that no additional entries are needed. When a patient is discharged, the system will automatically send a message to housekeeping for room maintenance. The flexibility of the West-Com system also allows integration with wireless pagers, wireless phones and staff asset tracking throughout the facility. Other reports can be easily created including a log report for administrative purposes. The Nurse Call system is in several hospitals along the I-5 corridor, Moscow, Idaho, and will soon be in two hospitals in the Spokane area.

Other AAtronics systems and design can be found at the Deaconess Education Center, WSU Johnson Hall, U of I Teaching and Learning Center, Portland Rose Garden Arena and in many military, government, hospital and corporate conference rooms throughout the Pacific Northwest. They also install video and audio conferencing equipment and other audio-video systems using equipment from various manufacturers..

Another focus for AAtronics is courtroom systems. They have created an innovative, yet uncomplicated, integrated audio, visual, and digital recording system for all of the courtrooms for the Idaho Superior Court. All of the courtrooms share the same base audio system design, which includes Bose loudspeakers for courtroom playback, Audio- Technica microphones and signal processing consisting of Biamp System’s automixers and digital audio processors.

The base standard courtroom consists of five microphone inputs: Judge, witness, lectern, and both attorney tables. A sixth input is from a mobile Multimedia Evidence Presentation Podium, consisting of video, DVD, CD and cassette players, as well as a digital document camera. The audio in each room is controlled by a custom desk-top control panel. The panel provides the clerk with complete access to the audio features of the room, such as volume, entire system mute, or witness microphone mute, etc.

Each courtroom is equipped with a ceiling mounted projector projecting onto one of three different size screens, depending upon the courtroom size, seating areas and viewing direction. Motorized drop-down projection screens are located behind the witness box. Additionally, high resolution flat screen monitors, located at the jury box, witness position, judge’s bench, clerk and defense and prosecution attorney tables, will display any video presentation from the Multimedia Evidence Presentation Podium.

If any one needs to review any of the court proceedings at any time, the archived proceedings may be reclaimed by a search on words or phrases, the names of the attorneys, date, or other factors. This saves a lot of time for court personnel.

What AAtronics does for courtrooms can be done in school rooms, boardrooms, and conference rooms. They create systems for airports, churches, restaurants and hotels. “When we put a system in, we’re there for service and support,” says Hahn. “There is always a need for training and retraining with employee turnover. Application changes come along, software upgrades and reprogramming may be needed, and occasionally equipment needs to be replaced. All will be served and supported.”

AAtronics is a national installer for Bose audio systems – one of very few Bose commercial integrators in the Pacific Northwest. As part of the alliance with Bose, AAtronics is installing the sound system in the new P. F. Chang’s restaurant.

For more information about AAtronics, visit www.aatronics.com.

Billie Moreland
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