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01/15/2006 - Terabyte Triangle Welcomes iDynaTECH

Interactive Dynamic Technologies, Inc., doing business as iDynaTECH is the newest member of the SIRTI incubator. iDynaTECH has been incorporated for a mere month, and its principals are Dan Ferguson, President, Gregory Patnude, Vice President for the Applications and Innovations Group, and Jeff Leitner, Vice President for the Information Systems Group.

Although the company is new, Patnude developed its technology more than 2-years ago – for a client of a previous company he owned, and “just to see if he could.” He then filed the technology away. Much later, he brought it out to show Leitner and Ferguson, and they all decided it was an Intellectual property whose time had come. Patnude has a patent pending on his Web applications platform aka DEJA Technology () ™, (Dynamic Enterprise/Java Accelerated Applications.)

DEJA Technology () ™ is a bit complicated to explain, but the actual technology is user friendly. It is based on AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML). AJAX is a set of techniques for development and delivery of Web-based applications. AJAX was developed by the Open Source community and incorporates standards-based presentations using XHTML and CSS (cascading style sheets); dynamic display and interaction using the Document Object Model; data interchange and manipulation using XMLHttpRequest; with JavaScript binding everything together. iDynaTECH has developed a Web technology that is a modified form of AJAX using an object-oriented client-server that uses the Internet backbone, XMLHttpRequest, a thin client layer, and a version of MVC (model-view-controller) paradigm of client-server computing. “It is perfected AJAX,” says Leitner.

The resulting DEJA Technology()™ platform moves data around the Internet at lightning speed because the data moves without tags, HTML, or any of the “fluff” prevalent in many downloads. Data passes as a serialized, encrypted object over the Internet. All that is needed is a Web browser, an Internet connection, and JavaScript to run the DEJA Platform()™. It is completely cross platform, uses any current browser, and uses any operating system. “This system gives broadband performance over dial-up,” says Patnude. “It’s 100 times faster than other Web-based applications.”

DEJA Technologies()™ is a business enterprise-level tool that allows multiple users to use and transfer data at the same time, in real time, over any network, but especially the Internet, to local or distant locations. More than one person can work on data at the same time. “This is going to be the way the world does business,” says Patnude. The current tool is primarily for data manipulation – not for content dissemination. “It is ideal for lots of data entry, data extraction, and moving data,” says Patnude. “It’s for getting work done over a network – globally.”

iDynaTECH has a complete system that consists of the DEJA Server()™ - an enterprise application controller and request router; and DEJA View()™ – an object-oriented view controller or presentation layer. Sarbanes-Oxley support is built into the system. Sarbanes-Oxley is mandated by Federal law to be incorporated into business systems by the end of 2006. The system leaves an audit trail by keeping copies of the original record and copies of all changes made to that record thereafter. Housed in a “black box”, the technology will be licensed and have a maintenance fee. Each box contains a system that serves up to 2000 end users concurrently. iDynaTECH will host the box, or the client may add it to their in-house sever farm.

According to iDynaTECH, DEJA Technology()™ has been thoroughly tested – the proof of concept work done. Now they need to load test it with a “real world client.” They are currently seeking such a client. “This platform would be ideal for a business like Providence Health Care,” says Ferguson.

For more information, call Dan Ferguson at (509) 343-3114 or visit:

Billie Moreland
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