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03/31/2005 - Terabyte Triangle Welcomes Agents Ally Inc.

Agents Ally, Inc. only needed two years to be an overnight success. Dave Talarico and Kelly Birr are the principals behind Agents Ally, Inc. now located in the Eldridge Building at 1325 West First Avenue. The company develops client management software, called Agents Ally for Access, for the insurance industry.

It all started in 2003 when an insurance agent friend of Talarico suggested that he and Birr develop software to help him and other insurance agents track and manage their U.S. postal mailing lists and clients. It seemed like a good idea, so the long haul of learning the insurance agents’ needs and dealing with insurance industry bureaucracy began. Because of the mandates of the insurance industry, the software could neither use any part of, nor interfere in any way, with any part of the legacy insurance systems. New software would be allowed to exist beside, but in no way touch the legacy system. Because of these restrictions, the software was developed using Visual Basic and Access.

As the software was developed, agents said “Oh, yes,” but the legacy watchdogs were more apt to say, “oh, no, we can’t have that.” Finally in January 2005, a major insurance company cleared the software for sale to individual agents. Then, March first, the same company purchased an enterprise license for Agents Ally for Access for each and every one of its agents in the United States. Because of the license agreement, Talarico is not allowed to name the insurance company, nor say how much they paid, but he can say that the company is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States with in excess of 16,000 agents.

“It’s been a wild ride,” says Talarico. “We developed the software on speculation – from idea to fruition – working nights and weekends. It’s a classic case of a couple of guys with an idea who just wouldn’t give up.”

Agents Ally for Access is a marketing tool designed to help agents sell their products. It has the same look and feel as Outlook so that it won’t seem alien to a technology-shy user. It allows agents to import many mailing lists, manage those mailing lists, do a quick search over all of the lists, and automates tasks. An agent can create a sequential direct mail task to mail at specific intervals with different messages. They can assign their marketing materials to a specific list, set it, and forget it. Agents Ally for Access has many reporting and advanced features. Everything is date and time stamped. Although its current incarnation is for a specific insurance company, Agents Ally for Access can be easily modified for other industries.

Agents Ally, Inc. has other products and services in addition to Agents Ally for Access. One service is “Competitive Advantage” a service that monitors insurance company filings and rate change requests made to the Insurance Commissioner in all fifty states. Agents Ally, Inc. gleans the public records, posts insurance filings, and keeps the information up-to-date. When there is a change, the affected subscriber will be advised. This service is provided for a monthly fee.

If you need a mailing list, Agents Ally, Inc. will create one for your demographics. This is another value added service the company provides.

Talarico hopes to create several new jobs as part of Agents Ally Inc’s success. Their first hire will be a technical person with a Visual Basic background and knowledge of Microsoft Office applications. Web knowledge and PHP skills would be a plus.

To learn more about Agents Ally Inc., visit http://www.agentsally.com/.

Billie Moreland
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