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08/31/2004 - RealResume Flourishes at Fernwell

The 1994 strategic plan that launched Spokane's march toward becoming the most "Intelligent Community" in the United States moved out of the planning stage in 1997. Optical fiber cable was laid under city streets. Spokane's District 81's EMAN (Educational Metropolitan Area Network) was implemented, and the Terabyte Triangle was born.

To learn more about the office, facilities, and connectivity needs of technology businesses, the Terabyte Triangle held a series of focus groups. One of the models developed from the focus group's input was the need for integrated, high speed, broadband connectivity infrastructure in the commercial building with a technology vendor in the building to take care of that infrastructure.

Two of the attendees at these focus groups were Roy Massena and Richard Hartman owners and partners in a company called RealResume, then based in the Spokane Computer Building. The building technology vendor concept resonated and was included in their business model. RealResume Corporation's patented technology helps Internet recruitment sites capture a larger share of the $8 billion spent annually on employment classified advertising. RealResume enables their clients to safely accept applicant resumes as word processor files and delivers actual resumes to employers with all formatting preserved. Last year, RealResume processed 4.5 million resumes for industry leaders. They filed for their first patent in 1996.

On the other side of the business spectrum was Fernwell Building owner Tom Power. Power wanted "to do more for his tenants." To do this, the Fernwell, at 505 W Riverside, became the first Terabyte Triangle building, and Power developed a mutually beneficial relationship with Massena and Hartman to wire the Fernwell and to have a reliable technology vendor on site. This was a radical concept in 1997, but it has proved a winning relationship.

RealResume moved their technology business into the building, and then wired the Fernwell. Starting from a choice of five optical fiber vendors, they pulled the wires (Cat5-E), installed the routers, created the security for all of the equipment, installed the wall plugs, and documented it all. They have installed a secured wireless system as well.

Today, the Fernwell Building's Executive Suites have Ethernet plugs in every office and conference room. The Suites are all plug-and-go so that any business can be up and running in thirty minutes. If there should be a problem, the technology vendor is just downstairs, and the problem will be solved in minutes. RealResume works with the Executive Suite staff on all manner of technology problems. If it isn't a network problem, Massena and Hartman will run a diagnostic and suggest the correct consultant --- often another Fernwell tenant --- to make the repair. "Service is never a commodity in the Fernwell," says Massena. They keep the system running properly 24x7.

The Fernwell has the same capability available to all of its tenants, but the traditional office tenants contract for their own services. They may contract directly with RealResume, and receive the same quality service as the Executive Suites. "We'll do whatever the tenant needs," says Hartman. "A building's technology should be on a par with indoor plumbing; no one even has to think about it until there is a problem."

The Fernwell Building now has space for lease --- both Executive Suites and traditional office space. Massena and Hartman will be happy to talk to any prospective tenant about supplying their connectivity needs. "We can get what you need, when you need it, and it will work."

For more information about the Fernwell Building, visit:
For more information about RealResume, visit

Billie Moreland
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