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11/30/2001 - Klundt Hosmer Design Spans Web Era

Graphic Design business has changed very little over the years, but the tools used have changed dramatically. Klundt Hosmer Design, in the Terabyte Triangle at 216 W Pacific, has enough business seniority to span that change.

The successful graphic artist needs to know how to draw, have talent, and be creative, according to Rick Hosmer of Klundt Hosmer Design. He explains that graphic design people must also be able to talk to and understand the needs of all manner of businesses whether it is a computer hardware firm or a plastic surgeon. The designer has to translate technical information into lay terms, and then communicate it in a way that everyday people can understand. The designer must create art---including logos, letter head, business cards, sign design, web site, and sales materials---that identifies and represents the client business so that there will be tangible results. Hosmer stresses that they must do all this within budget and on time.

When Klundt Hosmer Design opened for business in 1988, the computer had just begun as a design tool, no one in Spokane was designing web sites, photography was all on film, and graphics went to the printer as “camera ready copy.” All that has changed. “Some graphics designers still draw with paper and ink,” says Hosmer, “but then they scan that into the computer for the finishing details.” Other designers use a stylus and a pressure sensitive pad and design directly on the computer screen. Photography, including video, is all digitally captured. “Dark room work” is all done with Photoshop. It’s fast, it’s flexible, it never smudges, and if you don’t like it, it’s easy to change. Finally, the graphics go to the printer in digital form.

Some of Klundt Hosmer’s creations are digitally huge. A full color, high-resolution, multi-page brochure with photos, drawings, textures, and text will be many gigabytes in size. This is much too much material to entrust to a T-1* line says Hosmer. Depending on the size of the file, the design may be put on a CD or other hard media using FireWire, and then it is hand delivered to the printer. It’s much better than the old days, says Hosmer, when you had to send text to the type and graphics setter, proof read, make corrections, and send it back as many times as necessary.

Hosmer believes that Klundt Hosmer was the first web site designer in Spokane. They created their first web site seven years ago, using out-sourced programmers. Today their web site design and development division is all in-house and comprises about 30% of their business and growing. The other 70% is print, display, traditional advertising, and graphics.

One design problem with web sites is translating the high resolution needed for print into a reasonable size of file for a web site. You mustn’t lose a potential customer due to a long download, says Hosmer. Fortunately compression software is much better than it was seven year ago. Now a web page can look much better and be much smaller in bytes. More information can be had through a smaller pipe.

Klundt Hosmer uses technology as a means of communication. As technology changes and develops, they plan to stay on the leading age --- ahead of the wave--- because they want to serve their customers in the most effective way possible.

To learn more about Klundt Hosmer Design, visit their web site at: www.klundthosmer.com.

*An OC-48 would let a 10 gigabyte file to the printer in 32 seconds, and OC 192 in about 8 seconds. A T-1 is the equivalent of and OC-1. --- Billie Moreland

Billie Moreland
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