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02/29/2004 - Fernwell Building Has New Collaborative

In 1997, the Fernwell Building became the very first Terabyte Triangle building. Since then, large and small, new and established technology companies have found a home in the Fernwell Building. Beginning this February, three individually owned technology companies have established a mutually beneficial, collaborative in one large office on the second floor of the Fernwell Building.

Calling themselves the "Squeaky Feat Collaborative", the three companies are the well established HeyCats! Web Solutions, yearling Design Spike, Inc., and the emerging Fried Circuits. HeyCats! Web Solutions, owned by "Alpha Cat" Carol Bjork, was previously headquartered in the Peyton Building. HeyCats! develops database driven Web sites using Microsoft systems. To read more about HeyCats!, go to: http://www.terabytetriangle.com/index.php/id=5&article_ID=152.

Design Spike's President and Owner is Laura DL Bracken, previously of iPowerplant. Design Spike designs database driven Web sites based on Linux systems. Bracken and the four employees at Design Spike's mission is to use their skills and knowledge for both print and Web services to create innovative identity packages and Web sites for their clients. "We can create the whole brand from logo to Web design," says Bracken. "We love new businesses," Bracken continues, "we want to help them grow, develop, and become a productive part of our community."

Bracken is a veteran Web site developer and has worked on more than seventy-five Web sites including that of the Fernwell Building. Bracken and Design Spike's work on the Zebra83.com. Web site shows how versatile the group can be. This site incorporates flash, database, e-commerce, 3-D effects, and music.

Fried Circuits owned by Jeong Lee rounds out the collaborative. Fried Circuits does systems, systems support, and network design. Lee says he can create a network for a single company in one building, or connect branch offices across the city. He can work with dark fiber. His specialty is creating and installing Virtual Private Networks (VPN's). VPN's require broadband --- a commodity that is readily available in the Terabyte Triangle and Spokane.

Lee is also well versed with Dynamic DNS. Domain Naming System (DNS) is a mechanism used for translating names of host computers into addresses. The computer connects to the domain name, and the Dynamic DNS manages the IP address from anywhere. Dynamic DNS is especially useful for business travelers because it allows the IP address to be automatically updated in different localities.

Fried Circuits target audience is small businesses with fewer than twenty employees. "I see a big need in this area," says Lee. These businesses include professionals such as doctors and attorneys, and commercial entities such as retail stores and pawn shops.

The three entrepreneurs believe that they can do better work and serve their clients better through collaboration. Co-operation and shared ideas are the way to stay current, solve problems, and have a positive working environment according to all of the "Squeaky Feat Collaborative." They hope to collaborate with a lot of different developers. They believe there is plenty of business to go around. "We want to be different and have a good time while providing an excellent service for the client," say the Squeaky Feat.

For more information about HeyCats! go to: http://www.heycats.com/.
For more information about Design Spike, Inc., go to: .http://www.designspike.com
Fried Circuits' Web site is still under development.

Billie Moreland
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