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08/29/2003 - Network Design & Management Nears Decade of Growth

Network Design & Management, Inc. (NDM) may be the epitome of a Terabyte Triangle company. Without fanfare, using a solid business plan, employing certified, knowledgeable and experienced engineers, and providing quality customer service, they have grown into an international company. NDM began business in 1994, and has been at W 111 North River Drive for the past four years. Growing in a careful and calculated way, NDM now employees thirteen people. "If we continue to make our customers successful, we will continue to grow," says Duston Miller, President.

NDM is a consulting company that provides information technology services including analysis, design, implementation and support. NDM's core competencies are information systems and technology counseling, systems integrations, and system development. They provide IT solutions to business that are not big enough or can't afford to have their own IT people. They are a Platinum Partner of Novell --- the highest level of partnership and the only one in the Pacific Northwest. They also have partnerships with Microsoft, Cisco, and Citrix.

NDM guides their clients through strategic planning, performs tactical services, and also does project management. Using their wealth of experience, NDM helps businesses define their information technology future. They help build multi-year plans by looking at the business needs of the client, their size, their security needs, their planned growth and future opportunities, and their network needs. NDM conducts a multi-faceted analysis, identifies problems, and fills in the gaps. They then design the network, and will recommend vendors as needed. "We create and implement a design that the company can grow into," says John "Butch" Stokes, Engineering Services Manager. No business in a commercial location is too small or too large to receive NDM's services.

NDM's tactical services are of a hands-on variety. If something is broken, they will fix it. They will repair a network after a virus attack, install a firewall, or simply make the network work. At NDM, when a client calls, a real person answers the phone, and the help technician is always available. When needed by a distant client, the technician is on the next plane out.

Project management at NDM is more strategic than tactical. They supply the management that makes things work. Project management methodology has been studied and a variety of methodology structures have been selected by experts in that field and culminated by experience and use. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, NDM managers can select and use the best structure that fits the job. They ask, "where are you now?" "Where do you want to be?" Then set the course for "how you are going to get there." NDM employees a defined project management methodology utilizing Gantt Charts, project plans, work breakdown structures, major milestones, issue tracking and management reports, and other measurable parameters so the client can easily assess their progress.

NDM also provides on-site outsourcing. Their employees will work at your site, maintain your systems, keep them running, and do up-grades as needed. NDM has a 400 sq. ft. test laboratory where their engineers can experiment. In this laboratory, they can test new technologies to determine the fastest and most efficient methods, or whether a fairly radical solution will work before recommending it to a client.

NDM has worked with companies in Canada and South America. They just completed a job for a large Southeastern bank by partnering with Novell and are in negotiations with a large bank in Alaska who found NDM through their Web site. Locally they have worked with Avista, ICM Asset Management, Itron, law firms, and financial institutions. Nationally they have worked with the USDA and the City of Seattle among others.

Miller would like you to know that, "We are here, and we are able --- able to help your company with business technology." "We can help your business succeed."

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Billie Moreland
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