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03/31/2003 - Cobalt Cable Keeps Connections Quiet

Cobalt Cable became an international company with its first order --- their very first sale was to a person in Italy. A nineteen-month-old Internet based company; Cobalt Cable needs fast, reliable, and secure Internet connectivity more than they need a telephone line. The principals, John Coleman and Zia Uddin, chose their location in the Terabyte Triangle at 114 E Trent because of the available connectivity.

Cobalt Cable designs, selects the components, tests, and ships true, ultra-high performance audio and video cable systems. Their cables include audio and digital audio cables, video cables, HDTV cables (for plasma screens and high-definition televisions), home theater cables, speaker cables, and musician and pro-audio cables. The company’s mission is to provide the truest sound and image reproduction possible at a sensible price.

“There’s nothing mysterious about designing a high quality cable” says Coleman, “just follow the laws of physics.” According to Coleman, Cobalt Cables are designed and engineered so that the signal flows down the cable in a purely passive way -- based on signal laws and signal flow -- with nothing to interfere with the signal itself. That way, they explain, the user has full control over signal processing instead of a cable arbitrarily doing it for you. The cable components are chosen for quality -- including the carrier core (the cable’s core fundamental components) -- with shielding that eliminates cross talk and external signal contamination. Finally, the highest quality connectors are used to finish the product. The cables are manufactured in Chicago, and each cable is hand tested to be certain that it works the way it is supposed to before it is shipped.

Because consumer electronics are becoming much more affordable, home theaters are a growing part of Cobalt Cable’s business. “A Cobalt Cable is especially good for home theaters because its lack of noise,” says Coleman. Noise is worsened by length, so a Cobalt Cable can be utilized for long installations. “They can be pulled over ceilings, around the walls, under floors -- whatever is needed -- and still have an unadulterated signal.” “Each and every home theater cable offered will ensure the clearest, most powerful sound, as well as the most accurate and vivid video.” “You could say we are a company that can assist you with your ‘surround sound’ equipment,” quipped Uddin. Cobalt Cable will custom-length manufacture cables as needed.

Cobalt Cable has worked with the defense department, the navy, and other business clients that needed some custom assembly, but they have minimum requirements for custom cable design. Their cables are all over the world -- from the royal palace in Bahrain, through Turkey and Europe. Most of their Domestic business comes from east of the Mississippi, and most of their customers find them through the Internet and “word-of-mouth” recommendation.

Both Coleman and Uddin got into the business because they are audiophiles and grew tired of the low quality cables being sold for high prices. They perceived a need for good cables and some old-fashioned honesty, integrity, and helpfulness in the industry. The result is “true premium cables” at an exceptional value. As enthusiasts they want to help people be happy with their audio and video equipment and performance. They know the top equipment brands and will be happy to make suggestions.

Included in Coleman and Uddin’s plan for growth is consulting, design and execution of home theater and audio system installation. They will do complete installation if the client chooses. However, they don’t want to grow so large that it ‘isn’t fun anymore.’

For more information about Cobalt Cable, go to

Billie Moreland
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