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08/30/2001 - AperfectWeb Is One-Stop Web Shop

For Whitworth graduates Brandon Tanner and Sam Fleming, a perfect web provides sensible applications that address on-line business needs, and that is exactly what they produce for their clients at APerfectWeb.

To create web business solutions for clients, Tanner and Fleming’s first step is to identify the business needs of the client by working closely with them. After thorough business analysis, APerfectWeb develops specific e-business applications for the client’s Internet use. They design and develop the web site, host the web site, develop the applications, and finally manage the content and maintain the web site. “We have a simple formula,” says Tanner, “if web sites are created with a focus on delivering value for the end user, the web site will generate results.” “This means the company will get more out of the web site-a better return on their investment.”

Located at the Browne’s Addition tip of the Terabyte Triangle, APerfectWeb, 1516 W Riverside, started business in 1996 and has grown steadily since. Now, after 5 years, they have completed more than 160 projects, and have many repeat customers.

America’s PowerSports is a major, national client for APerfectWeb. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, America’s PowerSports, is the nation’s second largest motorcycle dealership consolidator. APerfectWeb provided website design and inventory control using Invatracker, an inventory tracking application developed by APerfectWeb.

APerfectWeb’s largest local client, Alton’s Tire Co.,, is set to launch a new website on September 1 with a contest and prizes. The contest will be conducted using inContact with its companion module, “intrigue”, an application developed by APerfectWeb.

APerfectWeb’s focus on business solutions has led to the development of several applications software packages in addition to inContact and Invatracker. These applications include inControl, inCart, inStream, iShadow, and intrigue. Each application is customized to fit the client’s needs.

InContact has two interfaces. They are the creator interface, which is an easy to use template for newsletter development, and the mailing list administration interface, which allows easy compilation of the list of newsletter subscribers. The mailing list administration interface allows the easy use of the contest module, intrigue, making it easy to set up and administer giveaways. In addition to managing contests, intrigue gateways can be leveraged to determine effectiveness of traditional media advertising by disclosing what vendor has directed the contestant to the site.

APerfectWeb’s clients can easily modify, update, and change their web sites using inControl. InControl seamlessly integrates into any portion of a web site that requires frequent content changes. It’s as easy as copying and pasting, and users don’t have to know HTML. InControl offers multiple access levels as well as a robust calendar module.

InStream is a commercial processing application that streamlines the order handling process. It provides an easy-to-use web-based interface for consumers wanting to place an order. InStream serves both wholesale and retail customers. InCart is another e-commerce management tool.

Invatracker is an inventory tracking system that automatically updates inventory in real time. This user-friendly system also seamlessly exports data to other inventory software.

I-Shadow is a client/server application that will track and log the daily activities of computer users. I-Shadow provides management with project management and reporting tools.

APerfectWeb expects to continue its cautious, conservative growth. This future, they believe, lies in customization and management of the business applications they have developed. They will continue to design web sites and logos making APerfectWeb a “one-stop shopping” provider for on-line business needs. –Billie Moreland


Billie Moreland
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