May 25th, 2019
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In June 1994, while on a layover in the San Francisco airport, Dr. Steve Simmons cam...

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About Us

VISION -- Terabyte Triangle (TT) envisions a thriving, diverse, and exciting Downtown Spokane with a prosperous technology-based economic sector. A sector energized with technology companies, allied and supporting companies, and the talented new entrepreneurs and people who work in the technology sector. This vision includes technologically state-of-the-art amenities and living space within the Downtown community. The TT will provide a vital environment to allow the existing technology community to prosper and an inviting atmosphere for attracting new technology entrepreneurs, companies, and people to live, learn, work, and play Downtown.

MISSION -- The TT is dedicated to positioning Downtown Spokane as a national center for leading edge technologies, tech companies, and their allies by actively promoting the "canopy of technology" and serving as a conduit through advocacy, coordination, marketing, and education.

HISTORY -- In 1996 recognizing that Spokane's urban landscape had undergone a revolution, Eastern Washington University professor Dr. Steve Simmons and a group of like minded technology and business leaders developed the concept and name Terabyte Triangle. Adjacent to the river where native tribes had once harvested spawning salmon, miles of optical fiber had revitalized the city's infrastructure. Beautiful, historic buildings were being connected at a rapid pace. New buildings were wired as they were constructed. Unprecedented levels of connectivity gave downtown - and businesses locating into it -- a big advantage.

Thus was born the Terabyte Triangle -- using "Terabyte" to suggest information products, and "Triangle" for the large triangular zone available around the downtown core. On May 8, 1997, the Fernwell Building became the first major downtown participant with new high-speed fiber. Today there is a "hot zone" of buildings within the Triangle with high-speed, broadband data-transfer networks of up to 20 gigabit capacity. With the new economy came other businesses, of course. There are many connectivity providers to choose from and a host of more than 150 of what the TT calls "synergistic companies" -- tech-oriented product and services firms -- that together create a web of creativity and innovation. All within a few square miles in and around the downtown core.

ACTIVITIES -- The Terabyte Triangle (TT) shall, in general, support, and fund via appropriate sponsorships, activities in the following four categories, for which ACME is an acronym.

Advocate -- Promoting future assets, events, resources and organizations to acheive the TT mission and vision. Past examples have included the Eastern Washington GigaPop, award seeking for the city and its organizations, and many others. Coordinate -- Assisting in bridge building and synergistic work between companies, organizations, educational institutions and government. Past examples have included coordination with organizations to stage technology events, coordinating efforts to secure assets and win awards for downtown, and many others. Market -- Creating resources, such as websites, newsletters, print media articles, and advertisements, that assist in marketing Downtown Spokane as a cutting edge community and an ideal home for technology companies, technology people, and the allied and supporting community. Educate -- In the fast changing world of technology, education is a constant need to prepare for future prosperity. Past examples have included workshops and publications on how set up a high technology office building, and many others.